AlbaSim is a the “Serious Game” research axis at the Media Engineering Institute of the HES-SO.

Our research and development activities are related to the design and development of Serious Games for training purposes. A Serious Game is a computer application that combines a serious intention, of an educational, informative or training nature with playful mechanics from the worlds of video games and computer simulations.

Our research and development activities includes designing authoring tools for serious games, integrating serious games and active pedagogies, using serious games as a basis for resolving real-world problems, analyzing the impact of using serious games.

Objectives, means and tools


Develop pedagogical approaches fostering:

  • The ability to solve complex problems
  • The development of analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills
  • The concomitant acquisition of hard and soft skills


Use serious games in training as a means to:

  • Simulate concrete practical cases
  • Increase learning motivation
  • Allow errors to be made inside simulations rather than in reality

Discover our Serious Games


The Wegas authoring system developed in our institute, to facilitate access to serious games:

  • Costs reduction
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Simplified game customization