Dominique Jaccard


Contact information

E-mail:  dominique.jaccard(a)

Phone:  +41 24 55 77 556


Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and academic fellow at University of Geneva.

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Teaching activities

Bachelor and master courses in the fields of project management, serious games, complexity & systems thinking.


Research activities

For more than 10 years, his research activity focuses on experiential learning, serious games and simulations.

At the head of the AlbaSim research team at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, he lead research & development projects in the area of serious games, with the goal to design innovative solutions for higher and professional education.

Dominique has been the originator and team leader of several projects such as the Project Management Game (which is now used for training purposes by many universities and companies in Switzerland and abroad), Wegas (development of simulation authoring software) and many other serious games for education purposes in fields like health, crime scene investigation, energy management or sustainable urbanism.



Master in Business Information Systems (2000)
University of Lausanne

Diplôme fédéral d’aptitude pédagogique (1999)
Institut Suisse de pédagogie pour la formation professionnelle

Master in Economics (1994)
University of Lausanne

Bachelor in Rural Engineering (1991)
Ecole d’Ingénieurs de l’Etat de Vaud