First test of the Emergency Triage game

September 2019

The Emergency Triage game is used for the first time by a panel of triage experts in order to evaluate its usability and realism. The development of this serious game is carried out in close collaboration with the “La Source” school of nursing sciences in Lausanne.

AlbaSim at the 4th Gamification & Serious Game Symposium

July 2019

AlbaSim is represented at the GSGS’19 conference by Jarle Hulaas with two presentations:

  • Jaccard D. , Maksay G.  and Hulaas J., Media Serious Game – a serious game as an introduction to HES studies
  • Plumettaz-Sieber M. , Hulaas J, Sanchez E., Jaccard D., Co-design of a serious game for computing education

AlbaSim in Paris for the EIAH conference

June 2019

AlbaSim was present at the conference Environnement Informatique pour l’Apprentissage Humain, at the Sorbonne, Paris. Maud Plumettaz-Sieber (Unifr) and Dominique Jaccard (AlbaSim) made a presentation at the workshop “Learning computer thinking”, on the theme “Assessment of the acceptability, usefulness and usability of the Programming Game dashboard”.

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AlbaSim is the “Serious Game” research axis at the Media Engineering Institute of the HES-SO.

Our research and development activities are related to the design and development of Serious Games for training purposes. A Serious Game is a computer application that combines a serious intention, of an educational, informative or training nature with playful mechanics from the worlds of video games and computer simulations.

Our research and development activities includes designing authoring tools for serious games, integrating serious games and active pedagogies, using serious games as a basis for resolving real-world problems, analyzing the impact of using serious games.
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The Wegas platform

The Wegas authoring system developed in our institute, to facilitate access to serious games:

  • Costs reduction
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Simplified game customization

Research Projects

co.LAB: A lab for collaborating on digital learning games (2020)

The co.LAB project (A Digital Lab for the co-Design, co-Development and co-Evaluation of Digital Learning Games) has been elected for a four-year grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) in the frame of the NRP 77 programme “Digital Transformation”.

The co.LAB project aims to set up a methodological framework for collaboration between teachers, game developers and researchers in educational sciences, supported by a collaborative digital platform dedicated to the co-design, co-development and co-evaluation of digital learning games.

Responsible applicant: Prof. Dominique Jaccard, Albasim, MEI, HES-SO
Main project partner: LIP (Laboratoire d’Innovation Pédagogique, UniFR, Prof. Eric Sanchez),

«Serious games» in higher education (2019)

The objective of this project is to explore, test and disseminate the potential for educational innovation brought by serious games in university education.

This project is funded by the DIKU (Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Improvement in Higher Education), who promotes promote development and innovation in education, encourage international cooperation and digital learning methods.

Partners: University in Agder, Norway

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We conduct AR&D projects in collaboration with academic partners ranging from pedagogical research centers to natural language processing.

LIP – Laboratoire d’Innovation Pédagogique (UniFr)

Joint research projects in the area of learning analytics and education in computational thinking.

University of Agder

Research collaboration on the implementation of serious games in academic education.

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